Center for European Studies (CES)


The Center for European Studies (CES) promotes and enhances research on European society, history, politics, institutions and culture, bringing together the knowledge of teachers, researchers, research fellows, scholars of the subject, doctors and PhD students, of different disciplinary areas of the Department of Political and Social Studies (DiSPS) of the University of Salerno. It also aims to develop and foster contacts with institutions, foundations and centers in other national and international universities interested in the issues being researched by the center and to promote the exchange of researchers among them. 


The task of the Center is to promote public discussion on the theme of Europe by organizing national and international seminars and conferences, taking care of the publication of studies and research, the presentation of books, the promotion of study and research groups also by obtaining funding sources from private, public and private social entities. It also offers scientific research support and relevant services for the teaching activities of three-year, master’s and master’s degrees dedicated to the theme of Europe.

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