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Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 – Meetings with Schools

01.27.2020  |  No Comments

Closing the commemoration of the “Holocaust Memorial Day” (January 27), the Jean Monnet EuCuMe Module of the Center for European Studies will meet the students and teachers … Continue Reading


Europe, shared memories and values – Meetings with schools

12.12.2019  |  No Comments

“Europe is much more than a free trade agreement. It embodies the effort to achieve a political unity at the foundations of which is respect for human … Continue Reading


Contested Europe – Meeting, debate

11.28.2019  |  No Comments

Partnership activities between the Center for European Studies and local schools are continuing. On November 29, 2019, at 9.30 am, the meeting entitled “The Contested Europe” will … Continue Reading


L’Europa che c’è, l’Europa che verrà – Incontro Alternanza Scuola Lavoro

11.18.2019  |  No Comments

    Nell’ambito del progetto di “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro” dal titolo “L’Europa che c’è, l’Europa che verrà”, promosso dal Dipartimento di Studi Politici e Sociali (DiSPS) e … Continue Reading


Settimana della sociologia 2019 – Incontro sul tema “Europa sociale”

10.12.2019  |  No Comments

III Edizione della “Settimana della Sociologia” La Sociologia italiana propone anche quest’anno un’intera settimana di eventi, dal 14 al 20 ottobre 2019, in cui viene presentato al … Continue Reading

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