Projects and research

The Center for European Studies (CES) represents a platform for cooperation and the production of scientific knowledge on issues related to Europe in a multidisciplinary perspective. The research activities of the CSE have the aim of contributing in an original and scientifically founded way to the advancement of European Studies, with particular reference to the sociological, political, historical and legal spheres. Main research lines are:

- The European foundations: The interdisciplinary study on the construction processes of a European society;

- Europeanization: the influence exercised by EU policies on domestic policies, at national and local level;

- Research methodologies in European Studies: The creation and implementation of innovative methodological tools in the study of the EU and European society in general.

The Center for European Studies promotes scientific collaborations aimed at developing knowledge on specific research objectives, through the formation of interdisciplinary research groups and openness to local authorities.


Main research activities

1. Europe, the Europeans and Covid-19
Online survey on the social consequences of the Covid-19 emergency and on the attitudes of Italians towards Europe and other European countries (Project Manager: Massimo Pendenza).

2. Europe, young people and memory
Research on building a transnational memory among young people (Project Managers: Beatrice Benocci and Dario Verderame).

3. Cosmopolitanism and Europe among young people in times of crisis
Research on changes in cosmopolitan attitudes and in the perception of Europe / European Union among young people (Project Manager: Massimo Pendenza).

4. Festivals and Europe
Research, starting from a case study (Florence European Festival), on the role of cultural performances in building a European identity (Project Manager: Dario Verderame).


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